The Smile Goblin

Small ornament purchased at 11.36am, 2nd October 2020

Street found, hand-drawn, sticker 11.38am 2nd October 2020

The sympathy of colour between the two objects is striking.

They resonate together.

I would normally leave street stickers in situ but this one was peeling away in the rain and asked to be taken.

Moving in a Mysterious Way

The Grand Opening

Zoom call

Cave Painting

On The Suicide Of The Refugee W.B.

After 80 years, Brecht’s words have never been so powerful, poignant and necessary.


I am told that you raised your hand against yourself
Anticipating the butcher.
After eight years of exile, observing the rise of the enemy
Then at last, brought up against an impassable frontier
You passed, they say, a passable one.

Empires collapse. Gang leaders
are strutting about like statesmen. The peoples
Can no longer be seen under all those armaments.

So the future lies in darkness and the forces of right
Are weak. All this was plain to you
When you destroyed a torturable body.

Female Sexuality & Surrealism

This MA thesis from 1996 is by my friend and comrade Jane Kelly and is reproduced with her permission.

Jane writes: “The revolution will be surrealist or it will not be! I have to admit that my interest was intellectual rather than active – but as an art historian I found them to be a good antidote to all that aesthetic stuff.”


A call to submit

Send passionate texts and torn pages, fragments of poetry, found objects and saucy pictures, collages, instruction manuals, games and suggestions of games, maps of imaginary places, rants and screeds and angry recipes, shaggy dog tales, well-struck poses, playing cards and postcards to implausible lovers, flotsam, jetsam…

All these will be combined and recombined into a year book or almanac reflecting on the year past and hinting at the possibilities of the year to come. No two will be alike.

It will be ready in late December. If it isn’t we will simply over-rule the Bourgeois calendar and institute our own revolutionary calendar of endless weekends and warm rainy days.

My printer, photocopier, stapler and glue stick twitch eagerly.

kazeliot (at) hotmail (dot) com

or by post:

Rob Marsden

11, Kipling Rise, 


B79 8LX

United Kingdom

The Widows of the Soul

The Night